Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is more important than ever to thousands of farmers across America. Crop insurance allows you to custom tailor coverage to your risk tolerance and marketing objectives. Every farm operation is different and it’s important to have an agent that understands how crop insurance fits your marketing plan. The success of crop insurance hinges on the ability to manage the risk inherent in farming. Having adequate insurance protection gives you a solid foundation for marketing your crops, knowing you have a guaranteed amount of protection. You may never sell at the top of a market or buy at the bottom, but crop insurance can give you peace of mind knowing you are doing everything possible to reduce the impact of a lost or damaged crop.

Customize Your Coverage

You can customize your crop insurance coverage to fit your own specific farm operation’s needs. A choice of coverage levels ranging from 50% up to 85% is available, as well as coverage plans for many crops, including MPCI yield guarantee protection. These multiple choices of products and coverage levels provide you the opportunity to obtain the coverage that fits your specific operation and risk management needs.

Crop Insurance is Affordable

Crop insurance is a federally administered program, with the government sharing in the risk and adminstrative costs. This results in a lower premium to the farmer and encourages America’s farmers to purchase higher protection than they would normally be able to afford.

July 3rd, 2013 by GCI Insurance Brokers